Planting a bush

Planting a bush.

We explained how to choose the right place for a new plant. If this stage is already behind us, now we can welcome the plant to our garden and settle in its new surroundings.

A properly planted bush will please us for many years. Mahonia intermediate (Mahonia media) odm. ‘Charity’, with large leaves and yellow flowers, belongs to the favorite shrubs.

1. We dig a hole, which should be roughly twice the size of the plant's root system or container, in which it is located.

2. Digging a pit, We store the top layer of soil separately in one place, which we will later cover with the roots of the bush. We remove the deeper, clay layer and any stones. After digging the pit, we check, is it deep and wide enough, to hold the roots.

3. Thoroughly loosen the bottom and side walls of the pit with the forks, to make it easier for the roots to penetrate deeper layers of the soil and water.

4. The root ball of the plant should be soaked the day before planting. We gently untangle the roots, then remove the damaged parts with a pruner or a sharp knife. We protect the places of cuts with charcoal or fungicide. If we plant the plant with bare roots, carefully unfold them in all directions.

5. At the bottom of the pit, we lay a layer of mature manure, which will help maintain humidity. Mix the previously removed top layer of soil with a handful of bone meal.

6. We place the plant in the hole like this, that the root collar is at or slightly above ground level.

7. We cover the pit with soil, layer by layer, by arranging it around the root ball and taking care, so as not to damage the finer roots. If we plant the plant with bare roots, we pay attention, so that the soil gets between the roots and covers them thoroughly.

8. We gently tread the soil around the plant, eliminating possible voids. Form a bowl around the bush, which will ensure the accumulation of rainwater and its infiltration into the lower soil layers.

9. After planting, water the plant abundantly, thanks to which the spaces between the roots will fill more thoroughly with soil.

10. A layer of mulch (5 cm) from composted pine bark will reduce the evaporation of water from the soil and the development of weeds.

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