Planting tubers

Planting tubers.

A practical way to protect tubers from pests, which at the same time makes it much easier to dig them out after the flowering period is over, is planting in special containers. The containers have holes in the walls, which on the one hand allow water to seep through, on the other hand, they protect the soil in the container against excessive moisture.

1. Fill the container with fertile garden soil, in which we plant the tuber according to the instructions on the package. There is a general rule, that the larger the tuber, the deeper we plant it (usually it is a depth equal to twice the height of the tuber or bulb).

2. We dig the container in this way, that its top edge is level with the ground.

3. From the top, the container is secured with a wire mesh to protect the tuber from pests. Remove the mesh when young shoots appear. When the plant is blooming, we dig out the container and put the tubers in a dark one, dry, airy place, by storing them at a temperature appropriate for a given species.

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