Division of peat bogs

Division of peat bogs

Peat bogs are not the same, they differ in their position, way of arising, way of increment to thickness, water conditions and vegetation. There are three main types of them: low, high and transient.

That is why low bogs are so called, …

Peat bogs – formation

The place, where peat is formed, there is a bog. It consists of a peat deposit and the entire living surface in the form of a layer of plants, which, gradually dying away, they will turn into peat.

How and where peat bogs are formed?

So that a peat bog could be created, a must …

A few words about peat

Undoubtedly, each of us has seen peat: brown, quite large bricks, rough and porous, often cracked and disintegrating, less hard as rock, used in some parts of our country for fuel. When burned, peat gives more heat than wood, and less …