Planting and staking a tree

Planting and staking a tree.

Trees in height 1 – 1,5 meters should be attached to the stake, which will ensure their stability during the rooting period. The height of the stake should be approximately the length of the trunk and allow free movement of the crown …

Planting large trees

Planting large trees.

Large trees are usually delivered in spacious ones, plastic containers or with a root ball wrapped in jute cloth and additionally secured with a wire mesh. Appropriate equipment is essential for planting such plants: transplanter or crane, that he can pick up and put down …

Planting a bush

Planting a bush.

We explained how to choose the right place for a new plant. If this stage is already behind us, now we can welcome the plant to our garden and settle in its new surroundings.

A properly planted bush will please us for many years …

Planting tubers

Planting tubers.

A practical way to protect tubers from pests, which at the same time makes it much easier to dig them out after the flowering period is over, is planting in special containers. The containers have holes in the walls, which on the one hand allow water to seep through, on the other hand, they protect the soil …

The method of planting plants.

The method of planting plants.

We dig a dimple, we cover the roots and the matter is settled. Yes, only it was done wrong. We can assume for many reasons, that this unfortunate plant would eventually survive, however, this is not the true gardener's goal. We want to, so that the plant had a like …

Planning of planting plants

Planning of planting plants.

Gardeners plan planting at different stages of the development of their gardens. We start from scratch.

Starting from scratch, we set the boundaries of a child, we set up a lawn and dig the ground around it, we wonder, what to plant discounts. Some people plan their garden until the last bulb, …