Planting large trees

Planting large trees.

Large trees are usually delivered in spacious ones, plastic containers or with a root ball wrapped in jute cloth and additionally secured with a wire mesh. Appropriate equipment is essential for planting such plants: transplanter or crane, that can lift a large tree and place it underneath it. In such cases, a standard stake as a support is obviously useless. Most often, even before placing the tree in the pit, we erect a structure consisting of four metal poles embedded in a concrete foundation, to which we attach the tree. The plant can also be secured with an appropriate lashing system, and the most aesthetic, and the most expensive method is the self-wedging underground anchor system.

As for the classic stakes, personally, I prefer round wooden ones. Square posts often twist when hammered into a solid one, rocky ground. Pressure-impregnated piles are more expensive, however, their service life is incomparably longer. If securing the tree with a stake is necessary, let's remember, to hammer it in before placing it in the bottom of the plant. Let us never leave it for the end. A stake driven in next to an already planted plant always severely damages its root system. To avoid stake damage, it is best to hammer it through a wooden pad. We can also do this, using a special mallet for piles. It is a kind of steel cylinder sealed on one side, with handles on the sides. Put the mallet on the pole and lift it up. Falling down, the device is driving a pile into the ground with its weight.

Transplanting a tree – annual plan.

We can even replant large trees, as long as time allows. It is best to prepare them for such a procedure a year earlier.

1. Around the tree, which we are going to overdo, we designate a circle with a diameter 1,5-2 m.

2. Along the circle we dig a trench with a width of approx 30 cm and depth 30-40 cm.

3. We cut off the exposed roots.

4. We fill the trench with soil mixed with mature compost, which is to stimulate growth in this zone of young roots. The tree prepared in this way can be dug up the next year. Before digging, they should be watered abundantly and the pit should be prepared, in which it will be planted.

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